Fonagy Designs Under Development

The Fonagy Designs, LLC site is currently under development. Once complete, it will be a responsive, dynamic website, utilizing Node.JS, HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap 4, and JavaScript. It is being published via Heroku, with database services through MongoDB.Screenshot of Fonagy Designs, LLC website.

Screenshot of Fonagy Designs, LLC main webpage.

Game of Colors

The Game of Colors site is a simple static website utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create a color guessing game, based off of RGB colors. The app is build using Node.JS, using Cloud 9, and posted via Heroku.

Screenshot of the Game of Colors website.
Screenshot of the Game of Colors.
Image of political site webpage

Campaign Website

This is a still from a campaign site, for the 2006 State Auditor of Ohio campaign. Due to the candidate withdrawing, the content had to be replaced with generic data/media. This was prior to me knowing of Lorem Ipsum generators. The site used basic HTML and CSS, and was designed using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Image of political site webpage
Screenshot of political campaign site.


The YelpCamp website is a Yelp-style example site utilizing: HTML5, EJS, CSS3, BootStrap, NoSQL, Middleware, Express, JavaScript, jQuery, and MongoDB. It has a campground database, along with a user database. It allows users to post campgrounds, edit their posts, and comment on them. Utilizing Middleware, only the users that posted are able to edit their posts, whether the actual campground post or their comments on separate campgrounds. Though, it is a test website, it is encouraged for users to interact.

Screenshot of the YelpCamp landing page.
Screen capture of the YelpCamp landing page.